There’s a good chance your cooling system is connected to an important process, whether it be an essential part of your industrial production, a medical piece of equipment or scientific apparatus used in research, all can be of critical importance. Consequently, you need to be sure that you can rely on quick and efficient service support, and the best people to provide that are the experts who supplied the cooling system. Thermal Exchange provide nationwide support using a network of professional service engineers.

Select a Service Agreement to meet your needs:

At Thermal Exchange we offer varying packages to meet your business needs. Simple non contractual service visits with no upfront payments are a popular choice with our customers, especially when they’re working on a tight budget. You only pay when you’re satisfied with the work carried out. Alternatively we can provide additional security by offering planned Preventative Maintenance visits to ensure your cooling system is kept in optimal condition. For ultimate peace of mind we provide both preventative maintenance and extended parts and labour warranty under our Platinum service contract agreement.


To find out more about Thermal Exchange’s service agreements or to organise a service visit, contact us at