Water to Water Exchangers


Cooling capacities from 1kW to 300kW

Self-contained systems with heat exchanger, coolant storage tank and pump.


Water to water exchangers utilise chilled house water to remove process heat from the process coolant via a water to water exchanger. They provide a barrier thus protecting your process coolant from potentially harmful cooling water that may be contaminated by corrosion, bacteria, or may simply not be compatible i.e. ultra pure deionised water or oil. Our water to water exchangers provide process coolant at constant temperature and pressure thus ensuring your process remains at optimum performance.

The LR & LB range of self-contained water to water heat exchange units are fully packaged, self-contained, and complete with heat exchanger, pump, coolant reservoir and all necessary controls. The LR range is suitable for mounting in standard 19″ racks or bench top location whilst the LB range is free standing.

Rack Mounted

ModelCooling Duty*Process FlowPrimary FlowPump Pressure max.Tank VolumePowerDimensions
-kWL/minL/minbarLV; Hzmm
LR5U101. x 222 x 500482 x 222 x 500
LR5U404. x 222 x 500482 x 222 x 500
LR6U808. x 267 x 500482 x 267 x 500

Free Standing

ModelCooling Duty*Process FlowPrimary FlowPump Pressure max.Tank VolumePowerDimensions
-kWL/minL/minbarLV; Hzmm
LB20020.; 3/50550 x 650 x 800
LB50050.; 3/50550 x 650 x 800
LB1000100.0150.0110.05.080.0400; 3/50800 x 1000 x 1250
LB3000300.0300.0330.05.0100.0400; 3/501000 x 1400 x 1350

Heat Exchangers

This usually takes the form of a plate heat exchanger with a matrix of corrugated plates. Dependant on the size requirements, the individual plates will

be either brazed together or sandwiched between two heavy end plates and pulled together by tie bolts. Supplied in 304 & 316 stainless steel as standard and Titanium for more aggressive applications.

Water Circuit

A wide range of non-ferrous/stainless steel pumps with varying flows and pressures are available to suit thecustomer’s requirements. Pumps are of positivedisplacement or centrifugal mono-bloc construction with fan-cooled electric motors having class E or F insulation. A coolant tank of adequate capacity

including a generous ullage allowance for drain-back is incorporated within the cabinet. The coolant circuit is completely non-ferrous including copper pipe, two ply reinforced SBR hose and appropriately sized BSP female fittings for inter-connection to external process.

Standard Features:

  • Supplied complete with circuit breakers and on/off switches.
  • Coolant pump starting contactors.
  • Pump motor protection.
  • IP54 protection.
  • 24 V control circuit where fitted.
  • Temperature gauge.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Coolant safety by-pass.
  • Visual tank level indicator.


Bolted construction from pre-fabricated panels generally manufactured from polyester powder coated, Zintec steel with semi gloss finish. Assembled using BZP fasteners. Sufficient working space envelope and easy access panels allow safe, trouble free maintenance.

  • Resistance Welding Machines
  • High Frequency Generators
  • Furnace Equipment
  • X-Ray Devices
  • Lasers
  • General Process Cooling