Ultra-Kryomats RUK


RUK 90 smallUltra-Kryomats down to -50 °C

The air-cooled Ultra Kryomats from the RUK series impress most of all with their high cooling output and variety of models. They can also be supplied with Duplex pump (D) or high-power pressure pumps (P), with increased cooling performance for RUK 40 S, and are also available each with water-cooling (W) for automatic adjustment of the cooling water flow.

Ultra-Kryomats RUK 90

The RUK 90 Ultra-Kryomats reach temperatures down to -90 °C with their cooling aggregates in cascade circuits. They are available as variants with Duplex pump (D) and high-power pressure pump with especially high cooling output (S) and, both are available in a water-cooled version (W) for a higher cooling output.