LBX Oil to Water



LBX - Liquid to Liquid - Oil to Water

AB45 Oil Air X-Ray Cooling Sytem B Grnd

Whilst the LBX range of oil to water coolers have been specially adapted for x-ray tube cooling applications, they can also be used for cooling other applications where chilled house water is available.

The LBX x-ray tube cooling systems utilise chilled house water to remove process heat from the oil coolant via a water to oil exchanger.  Our x-ray tube cooling systems provide process coolant at constant temperature and pressure thus ensuring your x-ray tube performs at optimum performance.

The LBX range of x-ray tube cooling units are compact, self-contained and capable of providing oil at nominally 5 to 10 ⁰C above the chilled house water temperature and at constant pressure. They incorporate a high pressure oil pump, stainless steel coolant reservoir, temperature controller and a thermostatically controlled modulating valve to control the flow of house water. Standard safety interlocks designed to protect the x-ray tube, include coolant over temperature, low level and low flow, all communicated via volt free contacts, which are monitored by the customer.

Additional system protection is provided via a unique slow start function whereby the pump pressure is limited on cold startup to protect the x-ray tube from over pressure.

Standard units can be adapted further to suit individual requirements.

Standard features

Non ferrous coolant circuit.

Low coolant flow signal

Low coolant level signal

Over temperature signal

Digital temperature display

Analogue pressure gauge

Modulated primary water valve

Coolant safety by-pass.

Supplied complete with circuit breakers and on/off switches.

Fan and coolant pump starting contactors.

Fan and coolant pump motor protection.

IP54 protection.

24 V control circuit where fitted.