CS Range


CS Range - Circulation Chillers - 1 to 9 kW

Laboratory Chillers

The CS range of air cooled refrigerated laboratory chillers provides cooling outputs up to 8.5 kW with coolant temperatures from 5 to 25 ⁰C in ambient conditions from 5 to 35 ⁰C.

CS laboratory chillers provide the perfect environmental solution to the wasteful and costly practice of once-through tap water cooling.

The CS range of laboratory chillers are attractively packaged in a compact, sturdy casework finished in two tone grey. No unit exceeds 715 mm in width and the addition of castors makes even the largest CS85 easily maneuverable between laboratories.

All of the CS range of laboratory chillers incorporate an air-cooled refrigeration system (water cooled condensers optional) with a coil-in-tank evaporator. A large polypropylene reservoir provides a generous thermal buffer whilst a copper evaporator ensures minimal risk of future corrosion problems.

The entry level CS laboratory chillers come with an impressive array of features fitted as standard. Digital temperature control provides simple adjustment, visual display and control stability to +/-0.75 ⁰C, whilst +/-0.1 ⁰C stability is provided as an option. Safety interlocks include low coolant level, high coolant temperature and high/low gas pressure warning.

CS Range - Chillers (Cropped)

Technical features (Units)CS10CS20CS35CS45CS55CS85
Capacity* (kW)
Temperature stability** (kW)+/- 1+/- 1+/- 1+/- 1+/- 1+/- 1
Pump pressure (bar)555444
Pump flow (L/ min)4710121224
Tank capacity (L)151541555569
Voltage (phase)230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50400/3/50400/3/50
Height (mm)582615730810810997
Width (mm)405440560625625710
Depth (mm)665665685985985835

*Capacities stated @ 20 C water temperature in 32 C ambient

**Close control +/-0.1 C available on request

Semi Conductor

Sputtering equipment

Chemical vapour deposition

Etching equipment


Radiation oncology equipment

Blood preservation



Gas chromatography

Electron microscopes

X-Ray equipment

Mass spectrometers



Rotary evaporators

Vacuum pumps

Standard features

Digital temperature control

Non ferrous water circuit

Low noise operation

+/- 0.1°C control accuracy

Common fault signal output

Coolant pressure gauge

Coolant level sight glass

Internal adjustable coolant bypass

Convenient liquid fill/drain facility

Easy maintenance

Compact stand-alone design


+/- 0.1°C control accuracy

Flow fault alarm

Over temperature alarm

High fridge pressure alarm

Low fridge pressure alarm

Deionised water circuit with stainless steel evaporator

Water-cooled condenser

High pressure pumps

Non standard voltage & frequency