UltraChill Cube



UltraChill Cube – up to 17.2 kW

Industrial Chillers with High cooling outputs, compact design and versatile options

The UltraChill Cube Industrial Chillers are refrigerated process cooling systems suitable for a wide range of applications. Cooling outputs range from 0.89 up to 17.2 kW at working temperatures from –20 up to 30 °C in ambient conditions from -15 up to 55 °C.

The UltraChill Cube are robust, dependable workhorses that provide a reliable supply of process coolant at constant temperature and pressure. The Cube range of chillers are available as UltraChill Standard (S) and UltraChill Plus (P). The UltraChill Standard chillers provide process cooling for customers that already have a pump and water reservoir installed whilst the Plus chillers are standalone systems equipped with a cold water tank and coolant pump.

The UltraChill Cube utilise a high efficiency, corrosion resistant plate heat exchanger, reciprocating compressor (CA001 to CA007), scroll compressor (CA008 to CA0016) and a non-ferrous peripheral pump (CA001 to CA005) and centrifugal pump (CA006 to CA0016). By using R 134a refrigerant, fridge pressure is minimised and therefore allows operation in ambient temperatures as high as 55 ºC. All Chillers in the UltraChill Cube range incorporate an antifreeze thermostat to protect the plate heat exchanger and integrated pres­sure switches to protect the fridge circuit against high and low pressure. Housings are made from galvanized steel and externally coated with epoxy resin, thus providing corrosion protection against the harshest of environments.

Standard Features:

Visual water level • High efficiency plate heat exchanger • Corrosion resistant coolant circuit • Stainless steel coolant tank • Thermostatic expansion valve • Operation up to 45 C ambient (standard) • Powder coated galvanised steel housing • Antifreeze protection • Plug & Play design

Typical Applications:

HF Generators • Resistance welding machines • Lasers • Autoclaves • MRI scanners • Beverage Industry • Vapour degreasing • Digital printing • Pharmaceutical • Laser sorting • Induction heating • Food industry • Dairy

SizeType*Cooling OutputPump Pressure Max.Pump Flow Max.Tank VolumeWidthLengthHeightWeightPower Supply
kWBarLitres/MinLitresmmmmmmKgsV; Hz
Cube 1CA0010.893.8402058073046075230; 50/60
Cube 1CA0021.213.7402058073046075230; 50/60
Cube 1CA0031.703.6402058073046077230; 50/60
Cube 1CA0042.303.5402058073046077230; 50/60
Cube 1CA0052.853.4402058073046080230; 50/60
Cube 2CA0063.322.833556507301100140400; 50/60
Cube 2CA0073.602.733556507301100143400; 50/60
Cube 2CA0085.403.433556507301100143400; 50/60
Cube 2CA0096.603.033556507301100148400; 50/60
Cube 2CA0108.202.733556507301100148400; 50/60
Cube 3CA0119.502.533807509801100230400; 50/60
Cube 3CA01210.253.450807509801100230400; 50/60
Cube 3CA01312.603.350807509801100240400; 50/60
Cube 3CA01617.203.150807509801100240400; 50/60
*Calculated with water at 15°C (ΔT in/out 5°C) & 32°C Ambient air temperature at 50Hz operation

Standard Features

Corrosion resistant coolant circuit

High efficiency plate heat exchanger

Stainless steel coolant tank

Dual frequency operation (50 / 60 Hz)

Powder coated galvanised steel housing

Visual water level

Thermostatic expansion valve

Plug & Play design

Digital controller with diagnostics

RS485 communication with Modbus

ECEC electronic fansAMManual by-pass
CGCentrifugal fansABAutomatic by-pass
TEElectronic thermostat valveAPManual valve between tank and pump
BH+/-0.5°C temperature stabilityWFWater filter 100 µm
PEInverter control optionKTWater kit for overflow
DTRemote temperature sensingHTElectric Heater
LWLow coolant temperature - 10°CDVDouble solenoid valve for secondary fluid set point
LALow ambient working temp -10°CVLIN/OUT manual valves
MLLow ambient working temp -20°CAFAutomatic filling up
TZTropicalised ambient +55°CFLFlow switch
A2Auxiliary 24V DC control circuitNXHydraulic stainless steel circuit
PGElectric connectorNPMale taper NPT nipple
CPWeatherproof housing for controllerFTMetallic air filter
MSSLAVE connectionSpecial colour RAL
(Master & slave application)SSStainless steel cover AISI304
MMMASTER connectionATAnti-vibration mounting
(Master & slave application)TTCataphoresis coil & pipe treatment
SFSoft start packageFGFin coated coil
TRRemote keyboardVRVoltage relay check

Cube 1 Outline Model

Cube 2 Outline Drawing

Cube 3 Outline Model

Typical Applications

HF generators

Resistance welding machines



MRI Scanners

Food Industry


Spark Erosion

Beverage Industry

Vapour Degreasing

Digital Printing


Induction Heating