ALR Range



300 W to 2.3 kW - Fan Coil Radiators - Water to Air


Fan Coil Radiators – Tube-fin heat exchanger/fan assembly for removing process heat from circulating coolant.

The ALR range of fan coil radiators offer an ultra clean, stainless steel coolant circuit suitable for high purity deionised water.

Our fan coil radiators consist of stainless steel tubes expanded into copper fins and provide flexibility to meet a wide range of applications including water-cooled medical and industrial laser equipment. In addition to the standard modules, a computer aided design facility provides the ability to meet specific performance and dimensional requirements.

Model number (Units)ALR1-1SALR1-1DALR2-2SALR2-2DALR3-1-4PALR3-1-2PALR4-2-4PALR4-2-2P
Heat dissipation* (Watts)3004809001100750110017002300
Airflow (l/sec)6090120180100170210350
Fluid flow (l/min)
Fluid pressure drop (kPa)1136351527
No. of fans12241122
Fan speed (rev/min)28002800280028001400280014002800
Full load current (amps)
Nominal coil size H x W (mm)180×180180×180180×360180×360240×240240×240240×480240×480
Connections (plain tails)½"½"½"½"½"½"½"½"
Noise level (dB(A))5053535545625065
Net weight (approx.) (kg)4579661212

* Heat dissipation with air/water at 10°C DT
Electrical data: Full load current, 1 phase+N+E at 230V dual frequency 50/60Hz +/-10%
All performance information calculated at 50Hz. 60Hz available on request


For Laser Industry and other Medical and Scientific applications.


OEM designs to suit application

Non standard voltage and frequencies

Aluminum, vinyl coated aluminum and stainless steel fins

Extra low noise construction

Standard features

316 Stainless Steel tubes

Stainless Steel case

Waved edge copper fin matrix

Optimum circuit design

½” plain stainless steel tails

BSP connection adapters available

230v/1PH/50-60Hz voltage