EVO 90 Series


EVO 90 - Digital Printing Chiller

Combine the work load


The new EVO 90 is the best choice for printing shops with

more than one press. Instead of using two separate chillers,

the EVO 90 provides combined cooling capacity to handle

multiple presses. By doing so it ensures a more reliable and

maintainable press operation.

With the security provided by the dual refrigeration circuit

design and its outstanding energy efficiency you can lower

your energy bills at least by 40% and more.

ModelCooling Duty @ +6°CWater Flow RateOutlet PressureTank VolumePowerDimensions WxDxHWeight
kWL/minBarLitresV; Hz; PhsmmKgs
EVO 90902×1202×7400400; 50; 31300x2000x20001700