Digital Printing Chillers


Why HP & EF?

EF cooling EVO chillers are specifically designed & certified for use with HP Indigo digital presses. By using energy conscientious components, EVO chillers are highly efficient and built for long-lasting, reliable service at lowest cost of ownership. EVO chillers have an “A” energy efficiency rating. They incorporate the latest rotary scroll compressors, resulting in substantially better performance than conventional chillers on the market. EVO chillers perform at 100% capacity at ambient temperatures up to +45°C (+113°F). EF EVO chillers utilize a capacity regulation that reduces energy consumption during low-load and standby conditions. It sequentially cuts off power to the compressors and then adjusts to the right capacity to reduce the energy consumption while maintaining a stable water temperature. It also increases the overall service life of the chiller for many years of trouble-free operation. ef EVO chillers also incorporate the intelligent EF IQ controller with exclusive software that regulates all activities appropriate to the constantly changing requirements of the digital printing process.

EVO chillers achieve excellent reliability and cooling capacities by using high capacity heat exchangers and additional sub-cooling within the condenser. These higher capacity chillers employ a multi-compressor design together with an electronic expansion valve to reduce the energy consumption. All data are processed just in time and controlled by the IQ PLC controller resulting in longer printing times and component life also. The integrated water filter & water bypass valve helps to secure the hydraulic side of the digital press. Single stand-alone EVO 20 & 45 chillers are available for all HP Indigo press families, while the EVO 90 & EVO CENTRAL have no size limits to handle all your presses with one system to keep all your presses & consumers printing. All EF cooling EVO Chillers conform to CE and are designed and Made in Switzerland.