Coolant Cooling Chillers



Coolant Cooling Chillers

The demand for our CT Coolant Cooling Chillers continues to grow in line with the ever growing sophistication of CNC machine tools. High volume production coupled with increasing precision requires greater and greater control of all parameters, not least, the temperature of the coolant. Accurate temperature control of the coolant results in tighter tolerances, greater productivity and a reduction in quality issues and rejected parts.

The CT range Coolant Cooling Chillers are air-cooled refrigerated cooling systems designed for immersion into existing coolant storage tanks. Cooling outputs range from 3 up to 50 kW at working temperatures from 10 up to 25 °C in ambient conditions from 5 up to 40 °C.

The CT range of Coolant Cooling Chillers are suitable for cooling water, soluble oil/water and neat oil. As standard, our Coolant Cooling Chillers come with copper heat exchangers, which drop directly in to the coolant, thus providing a highly efficient method of cooling. For more aggressive coolants, we provide an alternative hot dipped tinned copper heat exchanger.

Our CT Coolant Cooling Chillers provide nominally +/- 1 °C temperature stability, however, greater stability approaching +/-0.1 °C is achievable using our high precision range.

All models in the CT Coolant Cooling Chiller range are self-contained with compact designs requiring minimal space whilst providing optimal cooling output. They come complete with a reciprocating compressor, air-cooled condenser, evaporator, fused circuitry, motor protection, on/off switches and warning indicators.  The refrigeration circuit is protected with the use of over/under pressure cut-outs. Housings are made from zinc coated  steel and externally finished with epoxy resin, thus providing corrosion protection against the harshest of environments.

Optional features include a full ranges of fail-safe and process machine interfacing devices using a 24 v control circuit. Non-standard voltages and frequencies , hot dipped tinned evaporators, high ambient versions and ambient tracking facilities are all available on request.

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Machine tool coolant and cutting fluids for Milling





Standard features

Both single and three phase models are supplied complete with fused circuitry

Motor protection

On/Off switches and warning indicators

Digital temperature control

Refrigeration circuit fitted with over/under pressure cut-outs


A full range of fail-safe and process machine interfacing devices are available on request using 24v control circuit

Non-standard voltages and frequencies

Hot dipped tinned evaporator

High ambient version

Ambient tracking facility