AB-Compact Range



Up to 5.0 kW - Air Blast Coolers - Water to Air

Our AB-Comact 30 range of AB-Compact air blast coolers have many advantages over mains water or open tower cooling and provide an ideal method of maintaining suitable working temperatures in many process applications. Typically, they are designed to remove heat from processes where the coolant temperature is approximately 10°C – 20°C higher than ambient.

AB-Compact air blast coolers are supplied as complete factory assembled and tested units and are suitable for indoor applications. They are completely closed circuit and independent of mains, with negligible water loss, and only minimal maintenance is required to ensure long and trouble free operation.

ModelCooling Duty*Pump Pressure max.Pump Flow max.Tank VolumePowerDimensions
-kWbarL/minLV; Hzmm
AB-Compact 101.03.6305230; 1400 x 480 x 350
AB-Compact 303.03.63010230; 1500 x 600 x 450
AB-Compact 303.03.84010400; 3500 x 600 x 450
AB-Compact 505.06.03020230; 1600 x 750 x 600
AB-Compact 505.05.86020400; 3600 x 750 x 600

* delivery temperature @ 10°C above ambient.

Standard features

Non ferrous coolant circuit.

Coolant safety by-pass.

Supplied complete with circuit breakers and on/off switches.

Fan and coolant pump starting contactors.

Fan and coolant pump motor protection.

IP54 protection.

24 V control circuit where fitted.


Low coolant level alarm

Low coolant flow alarm

Low coolant pressure alarm

Variable speed fans


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