AB Range – Air Blast Box Coolers



7.5 to 150 kW - Air Blast Coolers - Water to Air

Our range of AB Air Blast Box coolers have many advantages over mains water or open tower cooling and provide an ideal method of maintaining suitable working temperatures in many process applications. Typically, they are designed to remove heat from processes where the coolant temperature is approximately 10°C – 20°C higher than ambient.

AB Air Blast Box coolers are supplied as complete factory assembled and tested units and are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. They are completely closed circuit and independent of mains, with negligible water loss, and only minimal maintenance is required to ensure long and trouble free operation.

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AB75 to AB1500

UnitHeat Removal*Flow Rate*Cooling Fan QuantityCooling Fan DiameterPump TypeFlow & PressurekWTank CapacityConnection SizeVoltage/PhaseMax CurrentWidthHeaightDepthNoise LevelNet Weight.
kWLitres/MinmmLitres/Min @ BarkWLitresBSTPAmpsmmmmmm(Pressure art 5m dB(A))Kgs
AB600+0871,V750Centrif95/31.11101 - 1/4400/37.610602247135063310
AB800801141,V900Centrif130/31.51101 - 1/4400/38.712602247135063400
AB11001101572,V750Centrif170/31.81801 - 1/2400/314.619701758135067500
AB15001502142,V900Centrif240/33.01801 - 1/2400/320.223701758135070600


Resistance Welding Machines

High Frequency Generators

Furnace Equipment

X-Ray Devices

Air Compressors

General Process Cooling


Standard features

Supplied complete with circuit breakers and on/off switches.

Fan and coolant pump starting contactors.

Fan and coolant pump motor protection.

IP54 protection.

24 V control circuit where fitted.

Temperature gauge.

Pressure gauge.

Coolant safety by-pass.

Visual tank level indicator.


Low coolant level alarm.

Low coolant flow alarm.

Low coolant pressure alarm.

Frost protection package.

Automatic coolant refill.

Remote mounting control panel.

Remote stop/start facility.

Relay output for remote alarms.

Pump and/or fan motor overload trip alarm.

Duty and standby pump.

Variable speed fans.

De-ionised compatible water circuit.