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AB45 Oil Air X-Ray Cooling Sytem B Grnd

Whilst the ABX range of x-ray tube cooling systems have been specially adapted for X-Ray tube cooling applications, they can also be used for cooling other applications where heat removal is required, but the coolant temperature can be above ambient.

The ABX range of x-ray tube oil coolers are compact, self-contained units capable of providing oil at nominally 5 to 10 ⁰C above ambient and at constant pressure. They incorporate a high pressure oil pump, stainless steel coolant reservoir, temperature controller and a thermostatically controlled fan. Standard safety interlocks designed to protect the x-ray tube, include coolant over temperature, low level and low flow, all communicated via volt free contacts, which are monitored by the customer.

Additional system protection is provided via a unique slow start function whereby the pump pressure is limited on cold startup to protect the x-ray tube from over pressure.

Standard units can be adapted further to suit individual requirements.

Standard features

  • Non ferrous coolant circuit.
  • Low coolant flow signal
  • Low coolant level signal
  • Over temperature signal
  • Digital temperature display
  • Analogue pressure gauge
  • On/off fan control
  • Coolant safety by-pass.
  • Supplied complete with circuit breakers and on/off switches.
  • Fan and coolant pump starting contactors.
  • Fan and coolant pump motor protection.
  • IP54 protection.
  • 24 V control circuit where fitted.
ModelCooling Duty*Max. PressurePump FlowTank VolumePowerDimensionsNoise**
-kWbarL/minLV; HzmmdB (A)
ABX20-O-CB-D2.07.03.010230; 50/60500 X 650 X 45074
ABX45-O-CB-D4.59.01410230; 50/60604 X 607 X 52974

* delivery temperature @ 10°C above ambient. ** measured @ 1 meters


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