19″ Rack Mount Chillers


19" Rack Mount Chillers

19" Rack Mount ChillerThe CR range of 19″ rack mount chillers are designed to fit into standard electrical rack housings with a minimum depth of 600mm. CR rack mount chillers provide a supply process cooling water at constant temperature and pressure and are not to be confused with systems that provide chilled air for the purpose of cooling the internal air temperature of the housing.

The CR range of 19″ rack mount chillers provide the ultimate in compact process cooling solutions. A combination of powerful cooling outputs and coolant flow rates makes this versatile range of circulating chillers suitable for many applications where space is at an absolute premium and existing equipment is most probably already in a rack mount configuration.

All of the CR 19″ rack mount circulation chillers incorporate an air-cooled refrigeration system (water cooled condensers optional) with a coil-in-tank evaporator. A stainless steel reservoir provides an optimal thermal buffer whilst a stainless steel evaporator ensures corrosion free operation.

The entry level CR 19″ rack mount chillers come with an impressive array of features fitted as standard. Digital temperature control provides simple adjustment, visual temperature display and control stability to +/-0.75 ⁰C, whilst +/-0.1 ⁰C stability is provided as an option. Safety interlocks include low coolant level, high coolant temperature and high/low gas pressure warning.

ModelPart No.Cooling Duty*Pump PressurePump FlowTank VolumeDimensions
CR5U5-W10-5590.54443.619" Rack x 560
CR5U9-W10-4990.92443.619" Rack x 560
CR6U12-W10-6371.15444.819" Rack x 560
CR7U15-W10-6361.54476.019" Rack x 560
CR8U20-W10-6031.90477.219" Rack x 560

* Coolant delivery temperature 20°C , ambient 30°C.

Standard features

  • Over temperature signal
  • Low liquid level signal
  • Industry standard 6-pin signal plug
  • Low noise operation
  • Non ferrous coolant circuit
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Convenient liquid fill point


  • Non-standard voltage and frequencies
  • Various communication options available
  • Water flow/pressure to suit application
  • Low flow flow signal
  • Pre heater package
  • ± 0.1°C accuracy
  • Particle filter


Typical applications include cooling of electronic components, laser equipment and many other applications where space is at a premium.