EVO - Digital Printing Chillers

EVO chillers are very compact compared to previ- ous generations, reducing the required floor space by up to 40%. These chillers are specially designed to cool HP Indigo digital presses. EVO chillers utilise a state-of-the-art, hermetically sealed compressor with environmentally-friendly R-410A refrigerant. A large tank supplies water to a heavy- duty Grundfos pump and then on to the press.


  • Designed specifically for the cooling requirements of HP Indigo digital presses.
  • EVO chiller indicated temperature ranges are always at 100% performance, without compromises.


  • Closed loop PLC control ensures excellent repeatability of process parameters.
  • On board water filter & water bypass valve ensures stable press cooling & extended component life.
  • Highly efficient chiller and heat exchanger combination eliminates multiple interconnections, thereby reducing system complexity.
  • All chiller functions are controlled, set and monitored at PLC user interface, for simple operation and parameter setup.
  • Multi-level alarm system for safety with diagnostic and operational alarms and warnings.


  • EVO chillers offer a low cost highly effective solution for cooling digital presses.
  • Energy conscious design results in dramatically reduced operating costs.
  • Simple, robust, anti-corrosive construction combined with premium quality components requires little maintenance and provides years of trouble-free service.
  • Spare parts and service support are read- ily available worldwide.


  • Extremely compact footprint minimizes shop floor requirements.
  • Uses eco-friendly refrigerants.
  • Designed for indoor / outdoor operation.

Remote Control:

  • Chiller remote & operating remote control that allows placement of the chiller in a separate environment from the press no-return flow kit.
  • Necessary if EVO chiller is placed lower than the press, to avoid water tank over- flowing Starter Package.
  • Spare parts kit for maximum uptime Get started / Warranty Bundle.
  • Factory start up in combination with the “starter package” automatically provides an extended warranty.
ModelCooling Duty @ +6°CWater Flow RateOutlet PressureTank VolumePowerDimensions WxDxHWeight
kWL/minBarLitresV; Hz; PhsmmKgs
EVO 2020836160400; 50; 3800 x 1200 x 2000450
EVO 45451207320400; 50; 3850 x 1800 x 2075700
EVO 90902 x 1202 x 7400400; 50; 31300 x 2000 x 20001700

*@ +40°C ambient temperature