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Water to Water Exchangers

Water to Water Exchangers

Cooling capacities from 1kW to 300kW
Self-contained systems with heat exchanger, coolant storage tank and pump.Powerlase Rear DI (Copy)


Water to water exchangers utilise chilled house water to remove process heat from the process coolant via a water to water exchanger. They provide a barrier thus protecting your process coolant from potentially harmful cooling water that may be contaminated by corrosion, bacteria, or may simply not be compatible i.e. ultra pure deionised water or oil. Our water to water exchangers provide process coolant at constant temperature and pressure thus ensuring your process remains at optimum performance. The LR & LB range of self-contained water to water heat exchange units are fully packaged, self-contained, and complete with heat exchanger, pump, coolant reservoir and all necessary controls. The LR range is suitable for mounting in standard 19″ racks or bench top location whilst the LB range is free standing.



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