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LAUDA Viscosity Measuring Systems PVS

LAUDA Viscosity Measuring Systems PVS

pvs_applications1LAUDA viscometers offer a range of measuring viscometry equipment for high accuracy determination of oil, fuel and plastic viscosity using capillary viscometry methods.

Modular concept for viscosity measuring instruments

With the modular concept of the Processor viscosity measuring system PVS 1, measuring routines can be performed efficiently, quickly, safely, and with good reproducibility. It enables the automatic determination of kinematic viscosities using standardised capillary viscometers and an optimum adaptation to the requirements of the application with respect to sample throughput and automation. This unique modular system allows individual configuration of measuring systems, from one to four to even eight measuring stands, with automatic cleaning or automatic sample generator.

PVS configuration examples

Individual configurations allow the determination of the viscosities of many different materials.


Determination of relative, reduced and intrinsic viscosities as a measure of the mean molecular weight and thus the length of the polymers, which is decisive for quality.

Lubricants, oils, fuels

Determination of the viscosity including its temperature dependence and the viscosity index according to ASTM and ISO standards.

Enzyme activities

Determination of the reaction activity.


Determination of the chain length of base materials for technical papers and textiles or the change in the polymer length over various processing steps and through wear.

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