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LAUDA Ring/Plate-Tensiometer TE 3Archived since 2012

Archived material


Convenient measuring and efficient evaluation

The software offers the researcher many advantages in measuring and evaluation. For instance, the accurate determination of “static” surface and interfacial tension values can be implemented with statistical analysis.

The force course of the measurements is displayed online. This enables wetting problems to be identified immediately. Important physico-chemical parameters of surfactants, such as the critical micellar concentration, adsorption isotherms and surface energies (solids/powders/plates or fibers) can be determined as required automatically, semi-automatically or manually.

The 32-bit program is fully compatible with MS Windows (from Version 95) and can also work without problems in the background.

The LAUDA TE 3 is configured to the application case. This saves costs and increases efficiency. One can select from the individual measuring bodies (ring/plate) for surface tension measuring and special sample supports for contact angle measuring.

Depending on the external conditions and the precision required, tempering or double protection using the glass tempering bell cover might be necessary. The same applies to the connection of dosimats to the system. LAUDA can provide the necessary accessories, including its proven LAUDA thermostats.

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