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LAUDA Ring/Plate-Tensiometer TE 3Archived since 2012

Archived material


The perfect symbiosis between proven theory and modern technology

The big brother of the LAUDA TD 1 is a highly precise “allround” measurement device for all types of interfaces. Thanks to the high level of automation it is also suitable for use in quality control. It is essential for interfacial researchers due to its high precision and numerous measuring options. The combination of a fast, microgram accurate force measuring system with the high resolution distance encoder is the basis for the wide application range of the LAUDA tensiometer TE 3.

Robust and with legendary reliability, the LAUDA Tensiometer TE 3 measures with high precision. It is extremely simple to operate and can withstand unfavourable ambient conditions and aggressive vapours and chemicals. The large open interior simplifies the insertion of samples. A detachable housing provides additional protection. The double spindle guide in combination with a PLL controlled DC motor provides virtually clearance-free and frictionless, and thus vibrationless table movement over a wide speed range.

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