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LAUDA Ring/Plate-Tensiometer TE 3Archived since 2012

Archived material


General advantages

  • Measurement and graphic display of surface and interfacial tension time dependence over a wide user-defined range with linear or logarithmic measuring point distribution
  • Automatic maximum detection, calculation, and correction of the surface and interfacial tension using various methods
  • Calculation of mean values and standard deviations
  • Determination of “static” thermodynamic equilibrium surface or interfacial tension

Unique options for automatic determination of critical micellar concentrations

  • In standard CMC mode, the surfactant is added automatically at every concentration change by a dosimat using a diffusion-free dosing tip and the sample is then stirred
  • In “Reverse” CMC mode, patented by LAUDA, the solvent, generally water, is added by a dosimat and the appropriate portion of the diluted solution is aspirated by a second dosimat
  • The function of the additional dosimat can be replaced by an integrated pump. The surface is also automatically cleaned of any adsorption layers at each concentration step
  • The critical micellar concentration can be determined automatically, semi-automatically or manually, as required, from the concentration dependency and is stored with all individual measurements

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