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LAUDA Ring/Plate – Tensiometer TD3

LAUDA Ring/Plate – Tensiometer TD3

TD3 with peltierThe new LAUDA Tensiometer TD 3 is used for the automatic measurement of surface tension and interfacial tension as well as for the determination of the density of liquids. The surface materials of the TD 3 are chemically resistant and suitable for almost all fields of application.

The system operates automatically and has a precision electromagnetic load cell. Vibration damping is ensured by a solid base plate which is included as standard. Further features are user-friendly stroke limitation and an illuminated sample compartment. The offset command remote control as the control unit offers the highest level of operator convenience. The multifunctional graphical display offers a wide variety of individual display options for all relevant information. The new integrable stirring LAUDA PTT Peltier thermostat unit is recommended as the thermostating unit. The PTT is one of the smallest standard laboratory thermostats in its class. It contains open-loop and closed-loop electronics, elements for heat dissipation and a miniature magnetic stirrer.

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