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LAUDA Proline Kryomats

LAUDA Proline Kryomats -90°C up to +200 °C

TProline Kryomathe Proline Kryomats are floor-standing, low temperature circulators suitable for a wide variety of applications. They never fail to impress through their compact design and high cooling capacities, especially at low temperatures.

All Proline Kryomats are fitted with the Command remote control for easy and user-friendly operation. The units are equipped with a pressure pump optimized for internal Extra powerful cooling circulators for bath applications from -90°C up to +200 °C.

LAUDA Proline Kryomats circulation adjustable from performance level five to eight. To prevent moisture in the atmosphere from condensing at low temperatures, bath bridge and bath edge heating are integrated into the design. Proline Kryomats stand out for having the latest technologies and an excellent price-performance ratio.

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