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LAUDA Ecoline Star editionArchived since 2012

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Advantages of the new Ecoline Staredition

Real Stars get even better over time. The new Ecoline Staredition offers more comfort with its three control heads. Nothing has been forgotten – your can keep on relying on these strengths.

  • LCD display and simple 3-key operation for quick overview and rapid programming
  • Operating status on the display
  • 5-level Vario pump with rotating pump housing and high reserve capacity for energy-conserving circulating
  • Simple switching from internal to external control
  • Overtemperature protection (set with a screwdriver)
  • Low-level protection (DGM)
  • All-pole cut-off
  • Acoustic fault alarm
  • Automatic self-diagnosis with faults shown on the display
  • Safety circuit with additional Pt sensor
  • Simple to calibrate with 1-point or 2-point calibration (for control heads E 200* and E 300*)
  • Inputs and outputs for peripheral equipment
  • Cooling coil for operation with mains water and pump outlets for through-flow coolers
  • Safety class III, FL

For the cooling circulators:

  • Powerful condensers with high reserve capacity
  • Automatic cooling control that recognises when cooling is required
  • Automatic cooling capacity adjustment (for E 200* and E 300* units)

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