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LAUDA DLK Through Flow Coolers

LAUDA DLK Through Flow Coolers

DLK_10 1Through flow coolers down to -40°C for effective cooling of heating thermostats

LAUDA through flow coolers offer additional cooling to a process already circulating flow with an integrated pump. They can be used to upgrade any type of heating thermostat with pump connections or cooling to a high-quality cooling thermostat and thus allow working below ambient temperature. Through-flow coolers replace cooling with tap water that is expensive and ecologically not recommendable.

They provide a constant flow and temperature of cooling supply regardless of the variations. Therefore, it is possible to ensure optimum temperature stability over the entire period and allow reproducible temperature conditions at any time.

The DLK range have no integrated circulation pump or tank reservoir and rely on the flow rate from the application to pass the flow through the unit.

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