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LAUDA Class AArchived since 2012

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  • Simple analogue control with a dial (set value input)
  • Actual value display on glass control thermometer
  • Easily visible indicator lights for heating operation and faults
  • Powerful circulating pump with rotating pump housing for optimum circulation and high temperature stability
  • Connection for a through-flow chiller (bath circulators)
  • Cooling coil for cooling with mains water (bath circulators)
  • Adjustable overtemperature protection
  • Selectable cut-off point
  • Fully electronic continuous controller for a temperature stability of ±0.05 °C

NEW: Economical cooling with simple operation: LAUDA Class A cooling circulators

  • Suitable for a variety of different applications below room temperature
  • Cooling circulator RA 104 with an extremely small footprint, ideal for simple cooling tasks within the bath or external systems
  • Cooling circulator RA 106 offers circulating opportunities down to -20 °C

The compact units for biotechnology and medicine: LAUDA heating circulators and shaking circulators

  • Small, but high-quality family of compact circulators
  • Especially designed for the requirements of biotechnology and the medical laboratory
  • Available with a small bath made of stainless steel or with transparent baths
  • Transparent baths made of polycarbonate allow constant oberservation
  • As usual, only with LAUDA, the cooling coil and the pump connectors installed on the bath bridge
  • NEW: bath circulator A 111 with stainless steel bath for direct circulating in the bath

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