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LAUDA Bubble Pressure Tensiometer MPT C

LAUDA Bubble Pressure Tensiometer MPT C

MPTCExact measurements of the surface tension independent of a PC

The new bubble pressure tensiometer offers a selection of the most important measuring methods in conjunction with the practical control independent of a PC via an external remote control. The simple handling of the compact device thus enables easy mobile use for various applications. The measurements are precise and reproducible, yet timeconsuming settings can be presented, stored and transferred to a PC at the touch of a button. The measuring method according to Fainerman also guarantees exact surface tensions at even extremely small surface ages and the accompanying “real” bubble age.

The program offers two measuring procedures. In the first mode, the bubble frequency is reduced in stages, whereby a specified flow range is gradually passed through in order to clearly determine and represent the dependency of the dynamic surface tension from the surface age. The flow is re-adjusted at every single measuring point and is identified as measured value. The evaluation of the measurements and the necessary correction, such as for calculating the dead time, is carried out on a scientifically-founded base.

In the “constant flow” mode, the bubble frequency and, thus, the surface age, is kept constant in order to document any changes in the surfactant concentration, e.g. in the course of reactions.

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