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LAUDA Bubble Pressure Tensiometer MPT 2Archived since 2012

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Technical features

  • No dependence on response times of the pressure sensors
  • Very narrow capillaries generate stable bubbles with high internal pressure
  • Viscosity and immersion depth of the capillaries have very little influence on the measurement
  • High resolution pressure sensors allow continuous measurement of the maximum bubble pressure and the gas flow
  • Separate sensors record the bubble distance. This allows the true surface age of the bubble to be calculated using the Fainerman method

Simple operation

  • Quick capillary replacement and cleaning
  • Thermostating with LAUDA thermostats
  • Sample quantities in the millilitre range are sufficient, uses easy to exchange, commercially available sample beakers that are easy to clean

PC functionalities

  • Complete PC control under Windows
  • Immediate output of surface tensions, gas flow, internal bubble pressure, and bubble time into tables and graphs
  • Second measuring mode for long adsorption times
  • Sweep mode to record measuring curves in only a few minutes

Gas flow measurement & adjustable pump

  • Option to measure at increasing, decreasing, or constant flow
  • Determination of surface age
  • “Stop-Flow” mode for very long bubble times
  • No gas connection required

Large buffer volume between measuring capillary and pressure sensor

  • Pressure is stable and always equal to the maximum bubble pressure
  • Virtually delay-free and yet precise pressure measurement

Bubble detection with internal sensors (acoustic or electric)

  • Bubble detection independent of pressure fluctuation
  • Reliable individual bubble recording

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