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Microchill Circulation Chiller - 700W

Microchill Process ChillerThe heavy duty Microchill range of air cooled refrigerated circulation chillers provide a cooling output up to 700 W with coolant temperatures from 5 to 25 ⁰C in ambient conditions from 5 to 35 ⁰C. A powerful coolant delivery pump provides the ideal solution to cooling apparatus with high system resistances, typically greater than 2 bar G.

Microchill circulation chillers provide the perfect environmental solution to the wasteful and costly practice of once-through tap water cooling.

All Microchill circulation chillers are supplied in a functional, robustly built casework that provides a simple, none drip coolant fill facility.

The entry level Microchill circulation chiller offers simple, trouble free operation whilst providing an efficient supply of chilled water at constant pressure. The Microchill CB+ circulation chiller offers the additional functionality of digital temperature control with coolant stability of +/- 0.75 and the Microchill CC provides precision control to +/- 0.1 ⁰C.

Microchill circulation chillers can also be supplied with low pressure pumps, making this versatile little workhorse suitable for a wide range of both laboratory and industrial applications. High pressure Microchill circulation chillers include a panel mounted gauge that displays the coolant delivery pressure and all models include an internally mounted bypass to provide coolant flow adjustment.

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