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Industrial Chillers

LAUDA Ultracool UC Mini Industrial Chillers - up to 6.9 kW

UC Mini 2015High cooling outputs, compact design, versatile options

The NEW Ultracool UC Mini Industrial Chillers are refrigerated process cooling systems suitable for a wide range of applications. Cooling outputs range up to 6.9 kW at working temperatures from -5°C up to +25°C in ambient conditions from 0°C up to +50°C.

The Ultracool Mini Industrial Chillers are robust, dependable workhorses that provide a reliable supply of process coolant at constant temperature and pressure. The Ultracool Superplus Industrial Chillers are standalone systems equipped with a cold water tank, a pump and an internal coolant safety bypass.

The Ultracool UC Mini Industrial Chillers utilise a high efficiency, corrosion resistant plate heat exchanger, reciprocating compressor and a non-ferrous centrifugal pump. The pump is noise reduced and works with a very flat flow rate/pressure characteristic, allowing the user to easily adjust the water flow without adversely affecting the delivery pressure.

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