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Heat Transfer Fluids

LAUDA Heat Transfer Fluids

LAUDA’s range of heat transfer fluids cover a wide temperature range of -90°C to + 350°C, and are designed for optimum heat transfer throughout their range including water and oil baths, process thermostats and low temperature circulation chillers & coolers.

LAUDA heat transfer fluids offer important advantages: they allow highly accurate temperature control even at extreme temperatures, they are very durable, simple to handle, reliable, and safe. They are also optimised for a long service life of the thermostat and offer maximum environmental compatibility.

Tables can be consulted to determine which bath liquid is best suited for a particular temperature range and which thermostats the liquids can be used with. The information contained in the tables is based in each case on the temperature range of the bath liquid, as this is considered to be the limiting factor.bathliquidsHTF Table 2014LAUDA Heat Transfer Fluids


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