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Clear View Baths

LAUDA ECO Clear View Baths

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LAUDA ECO clear view baths for visible temperature control applications.

The new Viscotemp 15, 18, 24 and 40 clear view baths (viscothermostats) with high-quality stainless steel baths and glass windows can be used in the most common temperature range from 0°C up to +105°C. The clearly designed single chamber systems with optional background lighting provide a glass-clear view and can be easily cleaned.

These clear view baths are ideal for determining, for example, the viscosity index of motor oils or the solution viscosity of plastics. The Viscotemp 15 type offers space for up to four manual maesuring stations or two automatic measuring stands, iVisc or S 5 (PVS). Viscotemp 24 has space for seven viscometers or up to four automatic measuring stands.  designed exclusively for manual measurements with twelve measuring stations.

With the Therm 180 heat transfer liquid, the thermostats can be operated as a corrosion-resistant thermostating bath for aggressive samples, e.g. for polyamides dissolved in sulfuric acid.

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